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The project of converting the original Can Xera estate into a luxury house is closely bound to its owners’ concern for the environment. Passionate about the concept of organic farming, they promote sustainable use of the estate’s resources, including recently installing solar heating panels. Can Xera has its own nature spring cellar supplying the house water needs. Rain water is re-used for farming and agricultural cultivation.

Almond, walnut trees , oaks, carob, fig and holm oaks all grow naturally on the estate, as well as peach , apricot, cherry, plum, apple, pear, pomegranate and quince trees. Can Xera produces organic homemade jams and compotes from these trees, while hens wander freely around the orchard and supply the house daily with fresh eggs. Seasonal fruit and vegetables such as peppers, leeks, courgettes, pumpkins, tomatoes, beetroot, strawberries and more flourish in the organic garden, and local peaches are harvested for country-style house jam. Olive trees result in the production of excellent stuffed olives and organic cold-pressed olive oil, to the delight of the owners and visitors alike.

Only natural fertilisers are used and alternative organic methods are employed to fight crop pests and all waste produced by the house is actively recycled.

AMER (Girona) · 16 people
Villa in Cabrils (Costa Maresme, Barcelona) · 16 people
Apartment in Platja d'aro (Costa Brava, Girona)
Apartment in Zamora (Castilla y León) · 6 people